Learning by doing

Through two program lines operating in the regions of Djerba and Gabes, Mosta9bali provides youth with the skills and capacities to implement change. In a holistic structure, the program facilitates participants’ learning by doing.

In each program line, participants:


Learn about and exchange knowledge on topics such as inclusion, community development, project management, and active citizenship


Dream, plan, and implement innovative and quality solutions to local community challenges


Receive support from a network of peers, mentors, trainers, and partners


Co-create a network of young and passionate Tunisian change-makers

Program Structure​

Phase 1

Workshop of Ideas

Explore the topic of inclusion

Develop personal and professional skills

Develop a community project idea

Phase 1

Phase 2

Workshop of Actions

Learn the essentials of project management

Develop networking skills

Create an implementation plan for the community project

Phase 2

Phase 3

Project Implementation

Implement community project

Work with mentors

Close project and write report

Phase 3

Phase 4

Workshop of Reflection

Reflect on project successes and challenges and personal growth Implement a public event to present the community projects
Phase 4
About Mosta9bali

Mosta9bali is a program which aims to empower youth to become problem solvers in their own local communities, drive positive change through diversity, and shape the future of Tunisia as a democratic and inclusive community.

Mosta9bali is a collaboration between MitOst e.V. (Berlin, Germany), Gabes Action (Gabes, Tunisia), and AJEM-Association Jlij pour l’Environment Marin (Djerba, Tunisia).

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